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Double Ended Shear

Double Ended Shear
Double Ended Shear
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Product Code : WB09
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Double Ended Shear

Approximate Price:32500.00  

Part Code – WB09


In basic terms, the load cell is the part of any scale that measures the weight or forced being applied. The cells convert the force of the load into an electrical signal, which is then read and displayed by a weight indictor. Load cells come in a range of different sizes, shapes, capacities and performance parameters. However, in the context of truck weighbridges, the basic distinction is ‘analogue’ and ‘digital’ load cells. Generally speaking, both analogue and digital cells use the same strain-gauge technology – but differ in terms of output of the load cell and therefore offer different benefits depending on the usage.

Shear-beam type: Available as single or double ended shear beam (the latter being more common in weigh­bridges), this type of load cell can offer slightly lower profile and less sensitivity to side-loads, but often with poorer sealing (potted) and corrosion resistance (alloy steel). These load cells are more advantageous in silo/ vessel weighing where rigid connections and head-room constraints are an issue as compared to a vehicle weigh­bridge where sealing and protection are very important.

Load cell accuracy: Keep in mind that accuracy of a load cell has no relation to it being analogue or digital, compression or shear-beam type. All of these can offer an accurate and dependable solution, provided the load cell fulfils the accuracy criteria as set by the relevant certifying bodies (e.g. OIML R60 for India). Insist on approval certificates rather than conformance assertions.