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Pit Mounted Weighbridges

Pit Mounted Weighbridges
Pit Mounted Weighbridges
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Product Code : WB01
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Pit Mounted Weighbridges

Approximate Price: 500000.00

Part Code –WB01

Weigh Bridge offered come with high working accuracy based load cells that meet the demands of precise weighing operations. Here, our expertise lies in making these available in working capacities of up to 10t as well as in different size choices. Some of its features include ultra-low floor structure finish, pattern steel floor, epoxy baking of surface, safe, capability to connect with digital load cell, choice of auto/manual angle correction, single load cell and single angle data check function, calibration tolerance correction, allows for setting print function, meeting standard RS232C.

Pit mounted weighbridges are flush with the ground. As a result they pose no restrictions to vehicular Movement and are therefore particularly useful at sites where vehicle flow can be in multiple directions. Most mechanical weighbridges were installed in pits to accommodate the lever assemblies so when they are upgraded or replaced, new bespoke size pit mounted steel weighbridge decks and load cells provide a very cost effective answer. Samurai have developed special mounting assemblies to facilitate the use of existing pits, ensuring the new decks sit level with the surface. This approach removes the need for costly and disruptive foundation changes.

Pit or surface mounted weighbridges?

Having arrived at a suitable size and capacity configuration, the next big decision is whether to go for a pit or surface mounted bridge. Let us understand these variants. Pit mounted weighbridge: These weighbridges are installed in a pit, keeping them flush to the road surface. Because these bridges do not require ramps, they take up less surface area, making them ideal for smaller areas or sites where space is at a premium. Initial civil and foundation work can make pit installations a more expensive option. A pit is also prone to piling of debris and water logging, requiring provision of sump-pumps and manholes for maintenance purposes. Guide-rails are not required for pit mounted bridges.